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Hank Play Rave Anthems of the 1990s

HANK Hank Play Rave Anthems of the 1990s scheduled for 2012


Recordings by Hank

The Blue House stocks some Hank CDs and the new LP. The Blocks stuff is available through zunior and (soon) itunes. Tomlab will have Worried Noodles and perhaps some 7"s left. Try ye olde fashioned record stores in Canada, too. Email us if you have trouble ordering anything.

We have uploaded many Hank songs for you to cherish, share, detest, be indifferent to, adore, or simply let be. All downloads are completely free of charge but you could always make a donation to the Hank cause to aid us in our possibly futile attempt to break even.

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2009 The Luck of the Singers (Blocks Recording Club) BUY THIS!

LP limited to 500 copies (includes free download card)

1. The Sun Shines at Your Door DOWNLOAD 2. Distraction DOWNLOAD 3. (I Don't Want to get Sucked into the) Family Business 4. Exclusive Plot 5. Mountain Wood Collection 6. Rumours Dogged Us 7. I Let Her Join My Secret Society 8. Blame (Parts 1&2) 9. You Deserve Better 10. People Look Up 11. Never Have Another Boy in My Life 12. Smokejumper 13. My Black Year (My Black Bottle of Beer) 14. Threw Me DOWNLOAD

2008 Can You Cry? (Weeping Truckers)

50 CDRs all with unique covers DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING or email us if you'd like to buy a copy

1. Land of the Silver Birch 2. People Look Up 3. Mountain Wood Collection - Demonstration 4. My Black Year (My Black Bottle of Beer) - Demonstration 5. Smokejumper (demo) 6. Exclusive Plot - Demonstration #1 7. Piggeries Conversion Delayed (original version) 8. The Art of Plain Talk (demo) 9. (I Don't Want to get Sucked in to the) Family Business - Demonstration 10. tired&depresseddemo 11. Forever 12. In the Middle of Crying (piano version)

The Society of Six E.P. design by Day Milman

2007 The Society of Six E.P. (Ta-Da Singles Club/Ninja Tune) Email us if you'd like to buy this

1. The Society of Six (featuring Mantler)DOWNLOAD 2. You Are the Child of Betrayal DOWNLOAD 3. The Art of Plain Talk 4. All the Greens DOWNLOAD

Worried Noodles

2007 David Shrigley/Worried Noodles (Tomlab)

Features exclusive Hank song Baby's Bible


2007 Esopus magazine Fall issue

Features exclusive Hank song Me and My Daddy in the Desert

Tomlab Alphabet Series 'J'

2005 Tomlab Alphabet Series 7" 'J'

A1. God Slick DOWNLOAD A2. Teardrops DOWNLOAD B1. Heswall Diesel DOWNLOAD B2. Exclusive Plot (Demonstration)

2005 Be True to Your School DOWNLOAD


2004 How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years (Blocks Recording Club)

500 individually-assembled CDs, designed and executed by Paige Gratland. Gallery coming soon. WE JUST FOUND SOME! EMAIL US! IF YOU'RE INTERESTED.

1. God Slick - DOWNLOAD 2. Carving Beef On Weck DOWNLOAD 3. Whatever Happened to the Forster Appeal? DOWNLOAD 4. Jimmy Falls Off Own Mountain DOWNLOAD 5. Piggeries Conversion Delayed 6. I'm just tired and depressed DOWNLOAD 7. The Earless DOWNLOAD 8. Heswall Diesel DOWNLOAD 9. Blonde Wives And Dead Daughter 10. I Was a Cop 'til He Busted Me DOWNLOAD 11. Ferox DOWNLOAD 12. Taffy/Solo DOWNLOAD 13. The Stomp of Sloth DOWNLOAD 14. Le Brumisateur DOWNLOAD 15. Defreeze & Top Gal DOWNLOAD

Toronto is the Best!!!

2004 Toronto is the Best!!! (Blocks Recording Club) BUY THIS!

Features exclusive Hank song In the Middle of Crying

Ryerson Function

2003 Function Ryerson University Fundraiser CD

Features exclusive Hank song Danes in Peril! (acstc.)

A/V '91 polaroid

2003 Ackrill/Venning '91 (Blocks Recording Club/Weeping Truckers)

1st edition 100 CDs with unique polaroids

A/V '91 2nd edition

2nd edition 100 CDs with 3 different covers

A/V '91 3rd edition

3rd edition (also includes videos for Danes in Peril!, Harley Tat and I'm Getting Some) BUY THIS!

1. Danes In Peril! DOWNLOAD 2. Avoid the Docks DOWNLOAD 3. Dark Country 4. Getting Fucked Over by Your Friends DOWNLOAD 5. Harley Tat DOWNLOAD 6. Lakeshore Report Diluted: Sources DOWNLOAD 7. I'm Getting Some 8. keyintheholegiveittoher 9. He Forgot My Name DOWNLOAD 10. My Non-Fights

The First Hank Single

2002 S/Up = T/clap (BRC) c./w The Catalano Drawl (Weeping Truckers)

30 home-burned CDs

1. S/Up=T/clap (BRC) 2. The Catalano Drawl


Socsix film


The Luck of the Singers

OUT NOW The Third Hank LP: The Luck of the Singers (includes Mountain Wood Collection, Threw Me and Blame (parts 1 & 2))

New WT signing NASHVASH

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